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About this Community

Sometimes the Supernatural fandom is a scary place when you're an artist... But you are not alone - spnartsupport is here to help!

We want YOU!

EVERYONE can join this comm: fanartists and writers alike, any caliber; no one is too good or not good enough!

we aim to provide resources for ALL artists, to be a forum for discussion, and a place where artists can introduce themselves & get serious opinions on their work.

What you can post in this community

Artwork (obviously), but pay attention: We're not like a regular art-community where you can crosspost whatever you make. Please only post your work here if you want to get concrit, feedback & serious opinions on it.

WIPs: ...fall under artwork, but should be specifically mentioned, because other comms do not allow this.
It can be very helpful to get other people's views on your art if you are uncertain of how to proceed, or how to fix something. This is THE place where you can ask fellow artists for a little help.

Tutorials: If you have written a tutorial yourself that may help out other artists, you can post it to this community.
Tutorials (by others) that you' would like to recommend should go in the rec post:

Recs: We have a fixed post that will serve as a rec database for everything from tutorials to resources like brushes, tools, textures, swatches, fonts, etc. If you have any useful tips you want to add, leave a comment [HERE]

Discussion: If you want to discuss a specific tool/ref/tutorial/etc, you can post about it. Please tag it with "type: discussion")

Prompts: We will have periodical prompt-posts in the future. If you have any unused bunnies lying around, or if you are a writer OR artist looking for a collaboration? That is the place to go. Please check the prompt post tag for the most recent posts.

Anonymous posting/asking for concrit

Because we know it can be uncomfortable to immediately tie your name to work you are uncertain about - For instance: WIPs, or works in a style or technique that is new to you - and those are exactly the kind of works you may want advise on... we provide the option of anonymous posting: You can send work to the mods, who will then post a crit request in the community for you without attaching your name.

If you would like to use this option, please send an email to tringic02@gmail.com with your work and the following info:

- And PLEASE make the subject line "artsupport: anonymous art"

Posting rules

Lj-cuts are your friend: images larger than 500x500 px should be placed behind one. The same goes for triggering and NSFW images, and they should also be clearly warned for.

Please include a header in your posts with at least the following information:

And TAG APPROPRIATELY, PLEASE. (see the tags page here)


Obviously you can ask any questions you might have [in the FAQ post] But please note that it is also the place to get more info on the following subjects:

art forms we allow | tagging | rec-post | introducing yourself | future plans | profile code adapted from: Fruitstyle

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