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Beta Request

Hi. I signed up for the spn_reversebang and I'm looking for a beta. I create maniped photo images using an app (PicsArt) on my android phone. I know that most betas will use photoshop or possibly Gimp and that's cool. I've worked with betas using different programs before, and figured out how to translate their suggestions with my app. I hope someones willing to give it a try.
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looking for a beta

hey guys, I really need some help on a piece of art Im doing for the SamDeanOTP minibang. I've been trying to find a picture of young Dean to use as a reference with his face tilted the same way the one in my picture is, but he's always got his head down in all the caps I find. I've tried to sketch his face without the reference but I've deleted so many layers now cause he always looks wrong. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to beta/ help me with his face? please??? I can send you the photoshop file to work on ...please???

OH! and its g rated lol

mods i hope I tagged this right *bites nails*
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Looking for beta...

Long time no see! I hope there are still people reading this, because I'm in need of help. I'm 3/4 through a picture, and the missing counter is completely fracking the composition. I'd love it if anyone could help me out with a suggestion or two.

It's a gen AU picture with Dean, Cas, and an OFC. No sexual content, no gore, just a gaping top left corner ruining everything...

Internet kittens and undying love are in in the offing...

eta: Beta found, thanks!

Creating Gifs With Gimp - Help?

Dear artists,
I am very new to the art side of things, I haven't even posted anything yet. But I'd like to; I'm currently working on a prompt from the Triple Play Challenge at ohsam. Unfortunately, my muses ran rampant and now I'm a little stuck with gimp. So I'd love to talk to someone about their experiences with creating gifs there. Specifically, is there any way to avoid the mode switch to 'indexed' from RGB? Because that just about slaughters the whole thing (which you experienced people probably were already aware of but I wasn't). Grayscales are fine quality wise, but I'd love to keep it colored.
Also, I'm currently at 100+ layers for the background alone - the muses, I'm telling you - and that makes the .xcf file huge and veeery slow to work with. Not only do I still need to tweak the whole thing to smooth it out, but I also need to add the actual foreground sequence with the characters so now I'm thinking about doing that in a second file and merging both of them in the end, probably by creating a new layergroup for every single background layer. Has anyone done that kind of thing before or knows the problems I'm talking about? I'm sure there must be easier ways to do this, so any advice would be highly appreciated.

Dear mods, I have no idea about tagging this or if this is even the right place to ask these things so I'm sorry for all mistakes I probably made.

Help, please? Castiel Pencil Portrait WIP...that's driving me crazy!

Title: Cas Pencil Protrait
Artist: odysseaia.
Character: Castiel.
Rating: G.
Warnings: None.
Is it a WIP or not?WIP.
What medium/technique did you use? Pencils. From HB to deep shadows done with 5B.
Is this technique new for you? More or less, since I'm aiming for different things this time around. Less of a comic-style feeling and more semi-realism.
What resources/references did you use? Some reference picture I found floating around the internet. If you need it, I'll go search for it and link it here.
What would you like advise on? How do I make my picture look like Castiel and not some random guy in a trenchcoat? So mostly I'm interested in the facial features. I have yet to smooth things out, do proper shading and add highlights and deepen shadows but there's just something off about the face that dries me a little crazy.

Thanks so much in advance for your help! ♥

Find the picture at my journal.

Calling all manip artists...

I've been creating several of them lately, but I'm running out of bases to use. I've been making mpreg art, and it's not easy locating images of "pregnant" men to use. Can anyone direct me to some, or share any images with me? (Preferably ones that I can use in my SPN/J2 manips.) Any and all help is very much appreciated!

Introducing the Sunday Morning Porn Club

Posted with mod's permission

smpc, brought to you by alezig, jjia912 and ashtraythief
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This is a community with one goal in mind: to bring porn to your Sunday mornings.
We want art, fic and podfics alike, the more variation the better, the one requirement
we have is that it should all be NC-17.
Membership is not needed for reading, only for posting.
Read our rules and contact a mod if you're interested in joining.

Let's bring some more hotness to the world.
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Genevieve/Ruby 2 Teensy Bang Artist Sign-Ups!

banner art by scarletscarlet

The Genevieve/Ruby 2 Teensy Bang is now open for artist sign-ups! It works just like a big bang, only teensier, with authors writing 5k of Ruby 2- or Gen-centric fic and artists creating one piece of art. Sign-ups end March 8th. Don't miss out on your chance to create art for the teensiest bang!

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Artists for the Wincestiel Big Bang


Artists have only a month and a half to sign up for the Wincestiel Big Bang over at wincestielbang. Signups for artists end November 2nd, and Beta sign ups are open until about December 8th. Sorry, but writer signups have already closed.
Come and explore our three favorite boys in an amzing new way!

Information and FAQ
Artist's Sign Ups
Beta Sign Ups